About Us

We seek to elevate the quality of life of Southeast Asian communities by improving livelihoods and increase accessibility to the necessities of life.

We partner for the long term

We invest in scalable businesses with a positive and measurable social impact. Our focus is on increasing livelihood opportunities and increasing accessibility to necessities. 

We partner for the long term and add value beyond financial capital. We believe in investing time, sharing knowledge and expertise, and bringing along our network and connections.

We are the first social impact VCC in Singapore

We are a variable capital company (VCC) incorporated in Singapore and managed by Providentia Wealth Advisory Ltd. We seek to deliver financial and social impact returns.

Values that guide us

Our Investment Framework

We mainly invest in four sectors: Circular Economy, Health, Education, and Employment Services. To ensure we are best able to serve our portfolio companies, our investment screening framework requires companies to have the following profile: