In choosing our companies, we look for entrepreneurs who are integrable, gritty, and who continues to learn through their journey. We believe people make all the difference. Further, we look for post-revenue companies who are firmly committed to a double bottom-line of financial and social returns.
March 1, 2024


InnoCSR is a global Green Tech firm dedicated to leveraging impact technology for positive social and environmental change
March 30, 2022


DANAdidik is a licensed crowdfunding platform that provides affordable financing for tertiary and vocational students, with primary focus on healthcare
March 30, 2022


Greenhope is an award-winning green technology company tackling the global issue of plastic degradation and increasing income opportunities for farmers through the manufacturing of bioplastics
March 30, 2022

Affordable Abodes

Affordable Abodes is a bio-composite company that uses kenaf to produce affordable, environmentally-friendly building materials
March 30, 2022


Kipin is an education technology and media platform supplying digital education solutions targeted at schools and students from low-income communities
March 30, 2022

Agape Connecting People

Agape is a business process outsourcing and training company that empowers and provides meaningful sustainable employment to the vulnerable
March 29, 2022

KBio Sciences

KBio Sciences is a biotechnology company that manufactures a range of OEM and proprietary diagnostic test kits at affordable prices for lower income communities